High Definition Video, Audio and Website Services

Welcome to the new homepage of TA Productions and TAPVideo.net. Our website is still under construction but you can download sample videos that are royalty free for you to use and distribute. Please drop us an email if you have any questions.



At TAPVideo, we provide all types of Video and Audio services needed by consumers in today’s digital world including:


· Stock High Definition Video footage free to distribute and use for your product demonstration.

· High definition video capture of your live event.

· Full production infomercials, music videos and short films in 1080i HD.

· Analog to digital conversion of audio tapes and VHS video.

· Digital cleanup of your existing audio stream to remove pops, hiss and other unwanted noise.

· Analog or digital video and audio stream file conversion to and from MPEG 1/2, Quick Time MOV, AVI, WAV, High Definition Blu-ray DVD and more.

· Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance.

Sample video streams in portrait mode are available for download here.

Maui Waterfall

The entire contents of this website including all videos and images contained other than those of our internally linked partners are the sole property of TAP Video. Any use of any part of this website or the images contained in any way, shape or form is strictly forbidden without the written consent of TAP Video. The videos contained herein are free to download and distribute as long as the video and/or the TAP Video overlay logo is fully visible and not modified or covered in any way. Drop us an email at Contact_Us@TAPVideo.net if we can be of service to you. Thank you for visiting our page!